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Mention eBook to someone and his or her eyes might glaze over. I know mine did. What has changed?

For unknown reasons I always-related eBooks to computers, desktop, laptop, notebook, or hand helds. They all provided various ways to use; read an eBook and that just did not excite my interest. Just give me a good hard or paperback book. After all, books are paper.

A chance happening at a local store display for a Sony eBook reader caught my eye. I picked it up knowing I was not going to like this adventure feeling the experience would re-enforce my fixed position on eBooks. Twenty minutes later, it was still in my hand only torn away by my watch and a scheduled meeting elsewhere.

Time Moves Forward

That was six months ago. From that encounter, my views started to change. A number of my preconceived ideas about this technology started to erode, slowly mind you, but erode. Over the next few months, I started finding more articles about various eBook readers. My newfound Sony companion, at least mentally a new companion, kept floating into memory when reading any article, story, or advertisement that had the words eBook. It still seemed these were limited use devices. Sure you could read a book from them but not reach the internet to fact check anything, it lacked from connectivity. In fact, the more I read about eBook readers the more my former position reinforced.

Then a new generation of eBook readers started emerging. Probably about the time, I fondled the Sony but I did not know enough about a product like this to understand what I held in my hands. Then along came a Kindle 2 from Amazon, a second-generation device. It almost seemed to have been designed to satisfy my list of "have not's".

Advertising about this product is everywhere so it is easy to find it can do some amazing things. I expected the simple things like provide a good reading platform; provide easy downloading of media by either G3 or wireless depending on your location. It could talk to read to you, it can contact the internet for web content through its very fast connectivity and it is only 1/3" thick and weighs 10.2 ounces. There is no concern about battery burn on your lap when sitting on a deck, by a pool or in the house. Heat exchange is minimal.

The Bottom Line

Even with all these wonderful attributes, some kept saying it could not do all the things their laptop could do. They are correct. The new breed of eBook readers do not intend to replace a PC or Apple. They are what they are, eBook readers with some features to make the fun of reading a book even more fun. If along the way you need to check a fact or encounter a link in some converted PDF file it is up to the task and away you go to the wonderful web. Toss it into your flight bad, travel luggage and when you reach the planned destination open the eBook reader and start where you left off.

BTW, it remembers exactly where you stopped. There is no need to bend the page or use a bookmark that the eBook Reader does for you.

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This article was published on 2010/04/03