Smartphone, iPad, Kindle VS Electronic Reader

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Driving the market Kindle, Amazon absolute star became. American network magazine Slate editor James veith bloomberg (Jacob Weisberg) on March 22, highly writing Kindle, says it will change the world. Now in the United States "f booth magazine web site in the writing, and BeiZuo have already, and in the 15 th century alive into Europe type printing is famous in the Gutenberg. This with Kindle at the end of 2007's just come out in a question of when the sound, form bright contrast. Amazon's opponent is aware of this kind of pressure. Finally, even once thought that" people no longer reading "the Steve jobs also according to do to keep, offering a -function more powerful iPad tablet computer, to advance the market. IPad have ebook function, is likely to impact the Kindle. According to market research firm Forrester forecast, in 2009 the United States ebook reader sales for 3 million, and in 2010, the sales will soar to 10 million. From 2 years ago introduced Amazon Kindle, today more and more manufacturers roll into the among them, the ebook market will appear in this year growth? If the answer is yes,

We saw the ebook in the rise of products at the same time, saw it from other product lines for the impact of the ebook market, which, of course, which contains current of the rapid development of the smartphone industry and tablet computer inndeed, the current mobile phone indudustry. Istry and the development of the emerging ebook market did in many ways have in common, and even the most main function also is ebook on a smartphone derived from a small application, so we can expect in the future development of mobile phone industry, tablet computer industry and ebook field will have more chance of direct talks. It is also based on the above reasons, we very is necessary to analyze current ebook and intelligent mobile phone industry, tablet computer industry there are various competition relationship.

The students can now carry the modern, ultra-thin ebook reader to go to school, and don't have to ignore the heavy bag. They can spend 30% or lower prices; buy a semester teaching material for the right to use the electronic version, after the end of the copies will be deleted. In the ebook, can be embedded video, can also provide students with the interactive function and self test. Some experts predict, probably in the next 10 years, most U.S. College students-even a lot of medium and small students-through some kind of electronic equipment will be reading materials, not use paper books. That will be a far-reaching influence to the teachers and students, let alone worth us $9.9 billion to the teaching material to impact the publishing industry. U.S. experts predict that it will not be long; "some innovative university" will request the university freshman equipped with apple's iPad, and urged the professors with iPad to lessons. "Change is inevitable. It is just a matter of time".And if the ebook is in PDF format and want to read on iPad, the users need to convert PDF to ePub files.

From the whole industry to see ebook, cost all focused on the piece that basically has advanced technology of electronic ink screen, at the same time as the domestic manufacturers is very fierce competition and we want to make money by selling hardware is unlikely. Although some manufacturers may have certain books behind resources, but faced with the Internet are full of can download the ebook, look at the user's free consciousness, these ebook vendors want to earn from our consumers go buy resources in the money really not too. Of course this is decided by the user habit, but so this seemingly perfect article also analyzes in domestic will meet a great challenge. Instead of cell phone users are not by these influence, because before hadn't online buying books habit, want to read a book will also go to find some free of charge. So the mobile phone manufacturer will not be similar problems.

ebook Expedites reading revolution

In the following Oscar ceremony, apple CEO Steve jobs with iPad debuted, the lost no time in a time to show. Tablet computer is not anything new stuff, but the iPad is not the same. This is considered a "will to the Internet, ebook reader market caused huge impact" of new products. On education, electronic reading published, media industries affect the future, and it is having infinite imaginary space. Teachers don't have to waste time on the blackboard writing notes copy the topic, but the assignment of electronic documents directly, sent to the students on the ebook. Students do homework, direct to email to send to the teacher.

IPad is not only good, there seems still draw. According to figures released by the apple, April 3, iPad sold the first day open sold more than 30 departments. In order to preheat the new product, the apple blossoms trembled the great strength. February 1, gammy awards ceremony, American comedian Stephen cole burt (Stephen Colbert) presenting, and pretended to be searched through pocket find winners, all of a sudden I from suit out of a iPad, accesses the winners from above, not proudly announced that "song of the year" award.

There is no doubt that, looks from the long history of human, ipad, Kindle birth, the achievement of a profound change- This change will reform humans for thousands of years civilization bearing and spread of the way, will also be lasting, profound changes our lives. Google, SONY and other international giant had already involved in electronic reading, China is also exploring the ebook manufacturers of Shouting "ten years to replace paper books" brave, hardware manufacturers, content providers, and even mobile operator, rushing to squeeze into the industry. At the same time, the birth of the ebook and extended will also give the traditional industry has brought great reconstruction or change, especially the traditional press, entity bookstore and the distribution system. The cloud of smoke, this piece of full of hormonal land is waiting for the arrival of the conqueror.

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Some believe that reading habit is not so easy to change, they said that the traditional paper books has a history of two thousand years. However, think about people from pen writing to the situation when writing computer now, who can sure reading not to walk in the footsteps of writing as the rapid changes? Of course the premise is: the ebook to do good enough. Apple the launch of new iPad tablet computer became each big media "pet". The New York times, the Wall Street journal, USA today, CNBC reported from in succession, lest down to the people. But most of ebook is in mobi format, so users need to convert mobi to ePub files and view on kindle with the aid of mobi to ePub software.

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Smartphone, iPad, Kindle VS Electronic Reader

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Smartphone, iPad, Kindle VS Electronic Reader

This article was published on 2012/02/23