Three Ways To Make Money Using Private Label E-books

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"Private label" is more than just a hot buzzword. Private label rights ebooks and articles can be highly effective profit-generators, either by themselves or as supplements to a business or website.

Private label rights (PLR) text typically comes in the form of e-books (several thousand words or more) and articles (under 1000 words). Each PLR ebook or article contains written text on a single subject. The information that it contains is fairly general and universal.

A buyer who purchases one of these texts also obtains the rights to change, edit, enhance and publish that text however he or she chooses. Many business and website owners purchase them and use them as marketing tools. They personalize them by inserting the name of their business throughout the text or make other changes based on the specifics of their business.

An example of this concept may be a dermatologist with a private practice and supplementary website. He may purchase a private label ebook on the topic of "skin care".

He may replace references to health care professionals with his own name and business name. He may add information about his own practice within the text. He then signs his own name to it as the author. He might then choose to offer this ebook to his website visitors as a personalized guide to healthy skin.

PLR ebooks are relatively inexpensive to purchase, especially when you consider how much money can be made off of it. You can make a profit off of your customized private label rights ebook in three major ways:

1) Re-sell it at retail. PLR ebooks that contain trustworthy, well-researched information are highly useful to consumers interested in a particular niche subject.

For example, a consumer who has a child with autism might surf the Internet looking for ways to encourage an autistic child's learning. An e-book that has been "written" by an expert in autism, complete with detailed teaching/learning methods, would be of great interest to such a parent.

Such an ebook might sell for 50 to 100 percent more than buyer's cost. Multiply that by numerous buyers and the profit potential is significant.

2) Use it to promote another product. Buyers of private label ebooks often give their customized versions away as enticements. They may use them to promote one or more of their own products.
Here's an example: let's say our dermatologist has developed his own formula for a sunscreen product. His formula is hypo-allergenic, full-spectrum and also contains an anti-aging complex that is good for mature skin.

He may customize his ebook and target viewers over the age of 40 who are interested in keeping their skin healthy and young. He could offer this free PLR ebook to customers and fill it with mature skin care tips. He could use this as a vehicle to promote his sunscreen at the same time.

3) Create an affiliate/joint venture program: Our dermatologist could take his skin care tips ebook one step further. He could partner with other websites and web-business owners.

These partners would have the right to use his ebook to sell his sunscreen product on their own websites. In exchange for distribution rights, these partners would receive a commission on every one of his products they sell or for each customer they refer to his site.

Savvy business owners may be able to find dozens of ways to make money off of a single private label ebook. Creative thinking is the key to generating profit for a very small investment.
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Three Ways To Make Money Using Private Label E-books

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This article was published on 2010/10/15