What an eBook Ghostwriter Can Do For You

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Are you looking for an eBook ghostwriter, an odd question, perhaps? Let's consider some hard facts about selling. First of all, it takes a lot of persuasion to get people to buy these days. Who can blame them? People are scared of the financial recession and very intent on playing their Nintendo Wii's and Xbox 360's. Nobody wants to spend money unless they absolutely have to.

The ironic thing is, people are actually dying to spend money-at least on an instinctual level. They work hard, they get paid, they want to spend the money on items they enjoy. The problem is there is so much garbage on the market (not to mention ridiculous advertising) that people are tired of just blowing money for no reason. However, you can bet that even in times of economic crisis, people are still spending money. This is where an eBook ghostwriter can help you.

It's your job as a seller to persuade them into buying your product. How can you do this, especially now, in this age of post-modern cynicism that prefers social media networking to hard selling? Just think of eBooks as a 100-200 page advertisement by an eBook ghostwriter that slowly, methodically, commands your users to buy more.

Let's say you have an expensive product. Most users might balk at the price initially. Unless of course you take the time to explain why the price is worth it and why they really need this product. If you sell them a cheap eBook, then you can continue the sales conversation for another 100-200 pages. (That might translate to hours of convincing!) Most people don't mind buying eBooks if they are cheaply priced and fairly entertaining and informative. In essence, an interested customer is paying you to keep talking through your eBook.

Herein lays the advantage of hiring an eBook ghostwriter. A professional ghostwriting company can create an eBook on behalf of you and then sell you the copyright at an affordable price. There is no commission or royalties to split beyond the initial payment. You can put your byline or photo on the book and promote it till kingdom come.

An eBook ghostwriter is an experienced freelance writer capable of writing thought-provoking chapters on any subject. While you can't be sure just any writer will do your topic justice (after all, there are a lot of amateurs out there) you can be sure that a professional eBook ghostwriter service will write the product to your own customized level of perfection.

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What an eBook Ghostwriter Can Do For You

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This article was published on 2010/03/29